Florida SQUAT Team

is a state licensed security team that specializes in legal squatter removal tactics.

Our methodology works in conjunction with our legal team and various law enforcement agencies to effectively remove squatters from your home in as little as 24 hours whereas going through the court system can takes weeks to MONTHS for you to regain control of your property.


Should you try to remove the squatters on your own?

It is not a good idea and can backfire in the squatter's favor! You may find yourself with a restraining order filed by the squatter or accidentally give them evidence to use against you to extend their stay in your home. Any physical contact can land you in jail at the least and injured or killed at the worst. Many squatters are involved in heavy drug use and can be considered extremely dangerous! Agitating them (which includes filing court documents with an attorney) may also cause them to purposefully damage your home in retaliation.

Squatter's Rights are a thing!

It is disheartening to feel like the invader in your home has more rights than you do. Meddling blindly in the affairs of a squatter can give them more rights than they seem to already have. We are well versed in their rights, our rights, and your rights as a homeowner and we are here to help you take back your home and take back your life!

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